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Where to Sell Gold in Gurugram/Gurgaon Without Bill

Selling gold without bill is as simple as selling the jewelry with a bill at cash for gold & silverkings. The company takes this thing very seriously but works on it with a calm mood. We have the exact and fine solution for the trouble will not make decisions only after seeing you or do not try to judge you if you do not have the receipt of the ornaments you wish to auction.

We want to inform you that at our company don’t support any illegal activities like buying illegal ornaments or in simple words we didn’t buy stolen jewelry. So we are very careful about trading. We ask for a document that doesn’t mean we will ask the voucher you have got at the time you were buying the jewelry.

So What to Do When the Needed Paper Is Not In Your Hand?

  • Take the gold with you and come to our any outlet or office.
  • Take your legal or verified documents like Adhar card, Driving license, voter ID card, etc.
  • Take and address proof with you.
  • Take two passport size photos.

The above things will be enough to prove that you are not coming for doing something illegal.

When will be sure about your papers that they are not fake and then we will ignite the trade procedure by giving your item to our jewelry evaluation expert? They will complete the evaluation and come to the real value which can be given for the article.

Just because you don’t have the buying voucher don’t think that we will not give you equivalent value. You will earn a deserved reserve which can be hand over to you in the method of your choice.

  • The importance of the bill.
  • It has the details of the jewelry.
  • It has the cost details of the time when you purchased it.

So keep the receipt with you but if you lose it and you wish to trade your asset come to Cash for Gold & Silverkings and gain the many benefits which will help you in your tough situations.