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Where to Sell Gold in Delhi without Bill?

This question is disturbing a big population especially those who are living in India because peoples don’t think that the bills or invoice is so important and most of the time they misplace it or forgot to keep it safe and lose it. This is not a big problem people usually misplace papers kept in their pocket or drawer. But if it comes to something big like servicing or exchanging of objects the waste paper becomes important if we talk about the gold, silver, diamond or other costlier things.

If you have lost the debit proof it will become a big problem because without it the first question arises in the mind is how you will prove that the jewelry you bought to sell is yours. Let this thing happen that you are not a crook but from where have you got them is it an authorized place or person? How will a buyer can faith on you that the ornaments in your hand were not had been stolen or robbed from anywhere?

Now if we talk about pureness how you can say that your jewelry is pure or having minimum mixture no way they will have to test it again in the time of payment they will pay you less because they will make the absence of the debt. Now you have a feeling that is there any way by which we can sell jewelry without a bill.

Trading If You Do Not Have an Invoice or Render

We have the solution you can very easily come to cash for gold & silverkings and trade your jewelry without bill or invoice. The company understands that it is a very common problem because it is difficult to keep safe a small piece of paper. So the problem should be solved with some documents. You have to take your identity and address proof with you our executive will find that either it is correct or not then we will buy your gold or ornaments by providing the best coinage which worth it. So now you can come to the top and verified gold buyers to do the small business without the documents of your purchased articles.