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Silver Rate in Noida, Gurgaon, Delhi NCR (India)

Price of silver in India

Like gold silver prices are also been affected at different terms and conditions. We want to make you aware of the reasons for which the cost of it depends. This can be helpful in your purpose of investment and keep it as assets. The buying of this metal is also the same as gold.

The reasons which are responsible for prices of silver are

  • Stability of US Dollars
  • Industrial demand
  • Production
  • Inflation
  • Sometimes dependent on gold
  • Hallmark
  • Shape
  • Interest Rate
  • Oil prices
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Silver Price in Noida

Gram 1 gram 1 Kg
Yesterday ₹ 42.00 ₹ 42000.00
Today ₹ 50.00 ₹ 50000.00
Changes -8 -8000

Silver Price in Delhi

Gram 1 gram 1 Kg
Yesterday ₹ 42.00 ₹ 42000.00
Today ₹ 50.00 ₹ 50000.00
Changes -8 -8000

Silver Price in Gurgaon

Gram 1 gram 1 Kg
Yesterday ₹ 42.00 ₹ 42000.00
Today ₹ 50.00 ₹ 50000.00
Changes -8 -8000

Stability of United States Currency

If the currency is getting strong in the market the value of the material will get decrease and as if it is unstable it increases the rate of silver in the market. So always see the dollar’s value before buying or selling it.

Industrial Demand

The metal has a very high demand in industries different companies use it. In the companies of smart technologies, the silver is used widely, the Smartphone also has a very high demand for it, the photography plates are made by it and in the whole world, and most of the photography companies use it. The demanding machines like computer and laptop are also not free from the precious thing. The good conductivity gives it importance in electrical circuits on a low as well as on a very high scale. So as the demand here got on top the cost also sits on the same seat.


The production of pure silver is a factor that decides the cost if the production is going on as per demand the cost maintains the stability but as the demand fluctuates the price will fluctuate accordingly.


It can be very important for the price of anything not only this precious hard thing. If inflation goes on it can raise the prices to the peak of all times which can be very dangerous even for a gram you will have to pay a very high amount which cannot be considered in any situation.

Weight and Price

Yes, this is a fact that in the case of jewelry the mass is an important thing to be calculated so that the price can be decided easily. Even one gram matter in the case of valuables the price can differ by thousand depending on it.


If the rupees become stronger to the dollar then the price of precious metal will decrease but at the same time if values of rupees against dollar fall then the gold will become more expensive.

Shape Decides Cost

Yes, it sounds simple but it is a fact that if you have rings of the same mass it will get different cost if it is necklace the price changes so we can say the shape is also a factor which is responsible for the value of the jewelry made by second costlier metal

Dependency on Gold

Yes, this is true that the price of white metal is pretty much dependent on the price of yellow metal parallel as the price of the first rise up the second metals values goes up and if it comes down the same happens with the other.


This is not very useful in the case of silver because doesn’t assure you about it.

Oil Prices

Sometimes it had been a topic of discussion that cost of oil and cost of the white jewelry is also rising and fall equally as they both are known to be energy intensive process. We are able to see the fact that all the three have a very high demand in normal as well as industrial. So it also became an important topic to be discussed that the cost of them should be counted as related to them.

If you have read this you are now with too many ideas before you go for buying or selling of silver. If you want to know current Silver Rate in Ghaziabd, Noida, Gurugram/Gurgaon, Delhi, and Greater Noida contact Cash for Gold & Silverkings helpline number 9999821722.