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Working from more than 20 years of cash for silver had become a milestone in the market. Winning the hearts of many families and peoples who have unbeatable trust in our company because they have gained a lot after making contact to us and that given us a crown to be the king in the field. We have many customers in the area of Delhi NCR. They got a piece of mind in working with our secured features. We have restful facilities and very nominal procedures. Using the latest technologies and famous and reliable gadgets we evaluate your high-value articles. This proves the accuracy in the quotes you get from us at the time of testing. We give priority to your needs and very careful about the security and safety of your material. You should have trust in our company you are in a safe place. You will get the richest price for your valuables. We have the latest CCTV cameras installed at each of our outlets as we keep your security at the top. The evaluations are also done with continuous recording with each of the gold, silver, diamond, platinum, and valuable gems proving the security of your jewelry. The purity of the valuables is tested by a gadget made in Germany especially for this purpose like weighing and testing and does not make any mistakes like humans. We have almost all the payment methods.

What We Buy?

We buy the metal after a complete evaluation process you don’t have to pay for this process and will not reduce any charges for making or any other faults. We start with the documents like identity or address proof provided by you and then the verification is done when it gets the clearance from the department then we quote the price and give you cash immediately.

We have a large number of branches touching all the areas of Delhi NCR so it is very easy to reach any of our outlets to take the ultimate cost for your gold and silver. If you don’t want to step out from your house we will find you at your given location for this you have to dial Cash for Silver in Nizamuddin help 9999821722, 9999333245 we are available all the time.