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How to Sell Gold in Noida India

Ages had been passed but Indian chooses the gold for their investment purpose. Due to this, it had become very common throughout the country, that they have intentions to sell it for reserves when they need cash.

The markets in India offer various options to trade the ornaments. It is also an important point that banks sell the ornaments bars, bullions coins but they never use to buy it back from the people. So, at last, the person sees the options for the sale and easily becomes the target of jewel smiths, craftsmen or brokers who add different inappropriate charges in the name of melting and wastage and reduce the cost amount. Mostly they pay 60 to 65 percent of the real price that disappoints the seller.

It had been noted that the amount you get after the trading of your yellow metal makes you unhappy if you haven’t kept sufficient knowledge before trading. Some important points for selling your ornaments or jewelry:

  • Keep bill or invoice copy: The buyers will always ask bill or invoice copy before they start because it gives all the knowledge of the item with proof so it becomes tough to cheat the customer in any case because your bill have each and every detail
  • Value of jewelry: the price of gold is not stable it changes time to time so we suggest you to collect the offers given by different buyers before taking the decision
  • Knowledge about purity: always find the article have hallmark or it is completely of 24 karats. If the ornament has the hallmark of 916 then it is confirmed that it is 91.6 percent of pure gold and the rest is alloy. If the hallmark is missing the buyer can manipulate you.
  • Be sure about the price: the scrap buyers use different techniques to find the impurity and purity percentage like using acids, electric conductivity XRF method instead of this some use to melt your metal but it may be a loss for you if you didn’t like the result or the rate they want to give you.
  • Trade your precious item: sell it at the best gold buyers like cash for gold & Silverkings because only they can pay you the highest rates for your item understanding your needs and condition.