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Gold Purity Testing Machine Karat Meter

Almost everyone has heard this name karat meter. Yes, this is the device that has brought a drastic change in the history of the measurement of purity of Gold. The results given by this after the testing of metal are accurate. It was named by company Titan Company which is from the Tata group of Industries. The gadget uses X-ray to analyze the purity of gold. Its absolute definiteness and less time resulting make it the best choice for many agencies in the international market. Indians use it to certify or hallmarking Gold. The machine is the first choice because it tests the metal without harming the metal. This gadget gives the knowledge of coating.

This small gadget justifies the exact mixing of related alloys, different gold, with palladium, silver, platinum, etc. In just 30 seconds which is naturally a very short period of time, the machine gives the purity of gold in a piece of jewelry.

This method is used for testing the chemical composition of different materials. It has an exact cost-efficient and diagnostic result. It doesn’t break or disturb the metal so it is trustful uses for small proportion to test in any state either solid liquid or powdered. It can be used for many metals starting with chlorine to uranium. This called ED-XRF i.e. Energy dispersive X-Ray fluorescence technology. It has an apprehension level of sub-ppm.

Gold Purity Testing Machine

There are a large number of models of the Gadget in the market starting from the small size it has a bigger size to be used in industries.

In older days there were many ways used to test the purity of gold like using acid touching magnet but these all methods were harmful to the metal as it needs a small piece of that metal which is taken by breaking or cutting it. The magnet is touched on the piece or acid is injected on the piece then the jeweler sees the remaining parts using the high magnifier and gives the results as per his experience.