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Select the Best Place in RK Puram to Sell Gold

In the condition you are finding a person or shop or company to sell your gold, you should be very careful at evaluation and you should also have knowledge about the personal skill and experience who is performing this activity. When it comes to expertise and talent Cash for Gold & Silverkings in R K Puram has the best team.

It is known to be the most reliable investment if we buy types of costlier ornaments. But the disbursement of the assets is not so much easy because at the time of sale we sometimes not able to reach the correct buyer. The correct purchaser here means the one who can buy our silver, gold, Diamond, platinum and shining gems at a higher price or deserving price. And you are giving some time on our website then you have taken the first step in getting the ultimate price for your precious metals.

Why You Choose us for Selling Jewelry?


The cost we offer in return is according to the latest market price of the metals which you know very well that can change anytime. We are very much supportive to you and normally we pay about 80 to 98% of the rate of your silver depending on their purity and mass.

Seller’s faith

We are devoted to delivering the seller a crystalline service by talking to them very clearly and giving them returns which is more than sufficient.

Evaluation is free

Our analyzing procedure is totally done without taking a single penny maintaining the cleanliness in the deal and this rule is applied for all other metals and gems.


We use the familiar and known methods for analyzing your jewelry so that you can have trust in us. We must be your choice for selling your ornaments.

Free of cost home pickup

When you will give a call to 9999821722, 9999333245 and ask for help and show your disability to visit. Our equipped Cash for Gold & Silverkings in RK Puram team rushes to your gate taking some time and do the rest of the work there even is some cases give returns at the same time. Most of the customers have positive views about our facilities.