Second Hand Gold Buyer is a No-1 Gold Buyer Company


We evaluate your metal and as per the purity, mass and current rate of your jewels we will pay you.

A large number of branches to help you near you just click the places link, still you have queries call 9999821702, 9999821722.

The expert will cautiously remove the other metals or jewels as they have different value and can be given to you but price of your gem can change or altered as we don’t have any technique to evaluate the price of gems.

All the precious metals like gold silver platinum insight of these diamond and gemstones can be sold, in different forms bars, bullions, coins with an assurance of greatest value in return.

We add no interests as it is an exchange we take the assets and pay you online or offline in the process you feel free to take it.

The cost of gold is determined on the scale of karats it is has 24 points which tells us about the presence of gold in metal. Before karat meters acid tests are done because it was the cheapest process.

Because we provide you better denominations a crystal clear and fair evaluation of your metal in your sight. We are not jewelry makers or sellers.

Obviously this makes us the best as we didn’t pressurize you to sell your item even after all the evaluation and procedure it’s up to you that you will sell the metal or not.

One photo identity proof and address proof is required to selling or buying of jewelry can be pan card, adhar card etc.

We pay the maximum possible amount after the whole assessment of your metal or diamond as per the recent rates in the market.

The whole process is easy

  • Bring the metal to our office with your I’D and address proof with your photo
  • We evaluate the metal and quote the price
  • If you agree we pay you in whatever way you want the return

  • We provide the outstanding return for your assets
  • Our testing technique is fast and accurate
  • No hidden charges applied by us

We buy your gold neither keep it as mortgage in exchange of money nor provide you lockers to keep it safe.

Sorry to be negative here as once we pay for the metal our experts take for the further important process.

No you don’t have to pay a single penny on your door step as we provide pickup and drop service in 45 km radius of our centers.