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Silver, a kind of precious metal that usually goes under the collective radar of our society, has recently experienced one of the biggest price hikes in history. Due to this, all those individuals who were hoarding sterling jewelry, utensils, and décor are going to their local stores, pawnshops, and jewelers to trade silver for cash.

But, they are faced with a disappointment when they ultimately get the quote for their items as most of the jewelers and dealers out there are still deducting a huge portion of the items worth as their service charges and tax.

If you are someone who is going through something similar in the Delhi NCR region for quite some time and are on the verge of giving up on getting the international market value of this precious metal, then fear not because we are here to help you out.

About Us

We are the kind of jewelry resale store where you can easily claim the highest possible price for your ornaments. We are a certified firm that functions on the No profit and no loss module, so whenever you visit us to trade your old ornaments, you get 100% market value in its exchange. Inflation or other economic factors does not affect your gains when you are trading silver for cash because they are only measured in terms of USD. With our help and our specialized services, you can claim that full value without any deductions.

Here in each one of our 20 outlets, you will get completely transparent evaluation services in which we use the XRF keratometer to appraise the quantity and quality of your item. We also have free pick-up service and special offers during which you can claim up to 15% additional value on your items; such offers are available during festive seasons.

It is through the collective efforts of all these services and our personals we were able to make our way to the top of the industry. Now we are considered to be one of the leading jewelry resale stores in the Delhi NCR, and if you want to deal with us, give us a call at 9999821702 right now.