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This is an area of big businessmen, transporters, and traders they buy and sell jewelry frequently. As they belong to a rich community. In these families the family gathering and professional or business parties on a very high scale. Ladies, as well as gents of these families, use to wear pieces of jewelry made with precious metal on different occasions. As there is new there will be some old unused scrap also if you are thinking to sell the jewelry for buying new. Come to the second-hand gold buyers in Punjabi Bagh.

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In Indian families, the yellow metal has become a part of all the houses and it is a symbol of family in heritage so people pass it in generations. It goes on a mother in law to the bride at the time of marriage and it happens till the time of pregnancy which is called god bharai rituals are followed by giving gifts as blessings to the child going to take birth at this time also lots of jewelry is used to give blessings to the lady who is pregnant. This is done to maintain the family legacy. The metal has sentimental as well as emotional attachment. Sometimes it is given as it is but sometimes it is considered that one should put new ornaments made of gilt, not the old ones. This time you think of gold buyers near you and want to sell your old scraps.

The passing also helps the new family in many ways like they have the assets without paying a penny and it will be worth anytime the family will be in financial crisis. In this area, it is not a matter but as we have talked the rich families live here so they find against their proud that they will give used pieces of ornaments to the bride or groom. So they usually give the old gold to a jewel smith and give him a lot of money to make new-fashioned pieces of jewelry by this amount of silver or gold. Log in to our company’s website. You can visit us at our office in your area. Or ring the number 9999821702, 9999821722