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We all have some pieces of jewelry that are close to our heart but we are not using it for our wearing because either it had been not in fashion or have been broken or tilted, it can be gold, silver, Diamond, etc. So we use to keep it safe, it can be a coin, ring necklace or another type of jewelry. We normally we never think to sell them but it had been a condition when we are bound to sell them, most of the time it is an emergency but sometimes we just exchange it with cash to make new one and here you want to get cash for gold in Delhi.

So now you have to reach one of the best gold buyer in Delhi who can understand your requirements and provide you the best services that are important to make the deal easier and beneficial to you. The company maintains the reputation of more than twenty years and the faith of the customers who had been a part or came to this place at the time they need to sell their scrap. We have been proceeding with clean and simple procedures so that it can be very short.

The pieces of jewelry sometimes become so close to your heart that you think it is an inseparable part of your life and don’t want to sell it at any cost but we want to suggest you that after all it is a precious metal and can give lots of money if you will choose to trade it and have cash for gold instantly. This will be very easy at the outlet of Cashfor gold & Silverkings because they have a simple procedure with few documents and very fewer complications because they will process the whole deal in front of your eyes. With the help of the latest technology, they will test your jewelry and then they will make an offer depending on the result given by the Karat meter. Then we will see you are happy with the offer or not if you are positive we will make the deal on the spot.

Here you are full of confidence to sell your jewelry to our company so give a chance to us by making a call on +91 9999821702 or coming to our outlet.

Frequently Asked Questions

The old and current gold rate in Delhi for 1 gram is Rs.5, 145 for 24 karat gold and Rs.4, 583 for 22 karat gold. You can get instant cash for gold in Delhi as per the standard old gold rate.

You can get highest cash for gold in Delhi at Cashfor Gold & Silverkings, a trustworthy and transparent gold buyer in Delhi.

You can get today’s gold and silver rate if you are looking for cash for gold Delhi. You can instantly sell gold for cash in Delhi at competitive pricing with a faster process.

When you sell gold online in Delhi to Cashfor Gold & Silverkings, they will remove the dirt on gold before you to determine the price of old gold, unlike traditional gold buyers in Delhi.

If you want to sell gold and silver in Delhi at Cashfor Gold & Silverkings, you would need at least two ID proof to present any of the following documents-

  1. Pan Card
  2. Aadhaar Card
  3. Passport
  4. Driving License
  5. Voter ID/ Election ID Card

You are also requested to carry your invoice or bill of the jewelry, though it is not mandatory. We do not purchase stolen jewelry. It is a Criminal Offence.

If you are selling gold for cash in Delhi, gold buyer in Delhi like Cashfor Gold & Silverkings will use advanced XRF machines to check the purity of gold.

Cashfor Gold & Silverkings will pick up your gold, Silver and Diamond jewelry from doorstep if you are looking for instant cash. Sell gold for cash in Delhi without any hassles.

Yes, you should visit our branch, to evaluate the gold to sell jewelry for cash in Delhi NCR.

Sell scrap gold for cash in Delhi by visiting our Branch between 10:30 p.m to 7:30 p.m, all days.

It is preferred that you get a bill and invoice or when you want to sell it in Delhi. However, we also understand that it may not be possible in some cases.

You can get money transferred to your bank account if you need instant cash in Delhi.

You can’t get back your gold after paying the amount because we do melt within 15 minutes and send for testing.