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Buyers of Gold Jewelry in Anand Niketan South Delhi

Located in South Delhi, Anand Niketan is a place that is close to many important structures in Delhi. From the South Campus of the Delhi University to the famous Vasant Vihar to Hyatt regency hotel, the place attracts hundreds of visitors daily. There are many attractions here that you can enjoy.

Cashfor gold and Silverkings is one such place where you get instant cash against gold Anand Niketan. Below are a few of the most famous places that you can visit here.

South Campus (Satya Niketan)

The place where you will get to see a different Delhi. Students going to their classes, their colleges and their campuses. Taking care of all these students is a large marketplace that goes by the name of Satya Niketan. You will find various restaurants here, each serving different delicacies. There are also many roadside stalls that will serve you delicious food at pocket-friendly prices. The ambience here is very different from other markets. You can roam around looking at beautiful shops and enjoy a nice walk too. Get here with your friends to enjoy a nice evening.

Malai Mandir

Located just a couple of minutes away from Anand Niketan is this beautiful temple dedicated to Lord Swaminatha. The temple was inaugurated by the then Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. The place is an architectural marvel. With many other deities located inside the temple, it receives hundreds of visitors daily. You may visit this temple after getting the best price for your jewellery from the best Gold buyer in Anand Niketan, Cashfor gold and silverkings.

Railway Museum

A one of a kind museum, the Railway Museum, near Anand Niketan is the best place for anyone interested in knowing the history of the Indian Railway. Inaugurated in the 1970s this museum was initially designed to showcase all the modes of transport. It was decided in the 1990s that only Railway will be the priority. The place has almost all the trains that have been used in India in its almost 170 years old history.